Start you own hosting company today.

Our reseller packages are perfect for getting started in the hosting business. Whether you’re a Web Designer looking to complement your service set, or just getting started in the hosting business, we can accommodate your needs.

Auto Installers

Every reseller package and the accounts under it gets an auto  software installer that can install all of the top software, like WordPress, automatically for you.


Every reseller package comes allocated with a generous amount of resources that are then able to be re-assigned as needed. Our resellers are given access to WHM, which is a separate cPanel control panel.

Cloud Hosting

All of our reseller hosting accounts are powered by CloudLinux, which is the top enterprise hosting OS for keeping your site running smoothly, and secure by isolating the accounts.

Get a custom plan now!

If you need a custom plan simply contact with us and we will provide it.
No matter how big or small your business may be, you matter to us! Don’t Hesitate in contacting us.

Professional services at your disposal.

Not only do we provide Hosting to get your website on the Internet, we also offer Website Design services, SEO services, Key Word Traffic services, Website Maintenance services, and so much more.    We’re not just a hosting company.  If your business isn’t using our services Your Missing The Mark!

Best partnerships Best partnerships
We take the time to forge partnerships with the best companies and services so we can offer you Quality, Integrity, Knowledge & Industry Leaders to help grow your online presence.
99.9% server uptime 99.9% server uptime
We like to leave room for acts of God and Repairs! We work hard with our team to ensure your website is up all the time.
Live support almost 24/7 Live support almost 24/7
We are a small company so all though we would love to offer 24/7 support we do need to sleep. Your needs are important to us, we appreciate you and will go above and beyond to see your needs are met!